Code with me: Portland May 4-5, 2013  ·  9 a.m.-6 p.m.  ·  Portland, Ore.

A workshop for beginners

Learn to code with a mentor by your side. You want to learn how to program, but the newsroom always needs you to do something else instead. Maybe you've even tried on your own, but it's hard without someone there to help. At Code with me, a two-day workshop, we pair one professional with every two students, and teach you how to code from the ground up.

We're designed for journalists without coding experience. You'll always have the attention of a dedicated teacher so you can learn at your own pace, and never feel lost. With twenty mentors total, you'll join a supportive learning community that will continue on after the workshop.

Plus, you'll have fun. You'll learn HTML, CSS and Javascript by building your own interactive project. Our goal is to make this your turning point — an experience that not only teaches the basics of code, but gives you the skills and confidence you need to keep programming on your own and in your newsroom.

About the program

Code with me is a series of programming workshops for journalists across the United States. We've been to Washington, D.C., and Miami so far. Learn more about us.

This workshop was organized with Daniel Bachhuber of Automattic and Lauren Rabaino of The Seattle Times.


The workshop is full and registration is closed.

Workshop cost: $85

Venue: The Oregonian 1320 SW Broadway, Portland, OR, 97201